Cruel Intentions.

Yeah, this is for you… 

Control is the only thing malicious people are after. They’re waiting for you to give permission to do their wants with you. Waiting for you to give the most valuable things about you in a second. The secrets, feelings, thoughts anything to claim power over you. Intentions for their own gain, playing with your heart and mind, Just to get theirs. The only way it’s cruel if it’s real and it’s happening to you. Yes, I’ve seen and felt the play so well I’ve come to keep a distance. Watching how they’ve made a fool out of themselves; spilling lies from their split tongues.

You’ll know when I’ve come to know everything and if another is caught up in your lies. I could be madly in love with you and open-hearted but I won’t allow you to be reckless with another person’s heart, baby it just goes to show you what you can do with mine and two can play this game.

– Writer J


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